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News archive for The Best Keylogger

Keylogger problems

We have good news ! Finally we have fixed the problem of keylogger not answering randomly. It took a good while to find the problem and even more time to fix the problem. So now, the current build, v3.54 ( 1005 ), have been updated with the new fixes. Sincerely TBK team

15% discount

We are giving 15% discount for everyone right now for a period of time as a thank you for your support !

Want a Key?

We need help translating our websites, so if you can one of these languages you will get a Free key for translating them: * Spanish * German * Russian * Italian * French Send us a message to support@thebestkeylogger.com and we will give you a text file that you can translate and after that you will get a Free key to use how with no restrictions. Sincerely The Best Keylogger

More languages

We are now working on adding more languages to our keylogger. Hopefully this will increase our reputation and getting more users that dont know English that well. This will however take some time before this is done but we wanted to tell you that multilingual support for The Best Keylogger is on the way ! Sincerely The Best Keylogger

Build 1005 is out!

We have now released build 1005 so now you will be able to either upgrade or download it by going to http://www.thebestkeylogger.com/BuyNow.aspx You should always try to have the latest release installed and we are happy that we finally released this version. For the changelog and for whats have been done, you can find it here http://www.thebestkeylogger.com/changelog.aspx#V353Build1005 Contact us if you have any questions ! Sincerely The Best Keylogger

New info page

We have added a new information page describing a bit what a keylogger is and what it can do and why use it. This is mostly for people that doesn't know what a keylogger does and how to use it. You can reach it from first page by clicking on "MoreInfo" button or follow this link : http://www.thebestkeylogger.com/MoreInfo.aspx

License discount

If you are interested in more then 1 license, then contact us with how many licenses you want and you will receive a discount based on how many licenses you are interested in. We will always give out discounts to customers that purchases more than 1 license so dont be afraid of asking before ordering, you might save some money on it. Contact us at support@thebestkeylogger.com

Free keys

We have been giving out Free keys , so far on our YouTube channel. But if you follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, you might get a key :)

New Build 1005

We are planning to release the new release build 1005 very soon. It will contain a lot of features and optimization, more info soon!

Email problems

We have had problems responding to emails because our email providers is still having issues so if you are wondering why its taking time for us to respond to your email, this is the reason and we are very sorry for this but its not anything we can do about it for now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

New Build 1004

The new build 1004 will be Faster, Better , Smarter than it ever was ! It will have alot of performance improvement and some small bug fixes. I think you will all enjoy Build 1004 as much as we do ! Hopefully it's not too far away until we release it. Keep checking our website for updates!

Windows 8 support

We have received alot of question regarding if our product supports Windows 8, and YES it does, our product have Full support for Windows 8 and will always be updated for new releases of Windows!


We have alot of people taking vacations now at the end of the year to celebrate with their families, and this will affect mostly the reply time for all support emails. It might take a few days before we send you a reply but soon we will be back to normal. Hope it doesnt affect your work to much and thank you for understanding!

New website up

We have finally been able to finish our new website! We hope you like it and find it more user friendly then the old one. If you have any comments or ideas, please send it to us by clicking on Contact in the top menu.

Top ranked keylogger

We are proud to say that our product, The Best Keylogger, is now one of the best keyloggers in the whole world! We are ranked as top 3 keylogger and we are planning to become The best keylogger out there! We are continuing to release updates and new versions to improve our product even more. Thank you for all your support.

Upcoming product

We are planning to release a new product for logging only keystrokes. This will be like a light version of The Best Keylogger, logging only keystrokes but with email delivery and such... More info soon!